Poem: Love You Right

The Aurora Borealis blazes across the sky above Churchill, Manitoba.

The Northern Lights.

I’ll love you right next time.
I won’t be a mime,
split down the line.
tongue snagged like a carp.
I’ll open my heart
like breaking spring ice.
I won’t hide my eyes.
I’ll rise in your sight
and it won’t be a tunnel of light
but a burst, arms high,
voice like a song.
I’ll take your hand and you’ll hear
the secret sound,
the rumored paradise.
I’ll show you the world
inside and out. I’ll kiss you
until you shout,
or laugh like a child.
I will carry you
like the currents of the sea.
I will inspire you
like the Northern Lights.
I’ll love you right.

Wael Abdelgawad
Fresno, California

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