2017 Writing Projects

I have several exciting projects on the table at the moment:

1. The Repeaters

This supernatural thriller / urban fantasy novel – the first in a trilogy – has been completed and edited. All it needs is a cover design and formatting, and I will make it available as an e-book on Amazon Insha’Allah (God willing). Look for it in April 2017.


A select group of men and women live hidden among us. They are known as repeaters, and they reincarnate again and again, growing stronger with each cycle. They inhabit every city in the world, and can sense one another through their powerful auras.

Rix, a scruffy-looking fellow with green eyes and long hair, is a 2,000 year old Belgian prince. He fights with a 300 pound metal rod and is given to philosophical musings on the nature of suffering and attachment.

Asteria, a beautiful black woman who wears leather and carries two swords, is a 10,000 year old Amazon. She is silent, strict and a hell of a kisser.

Ramzy, the youngest of the trio at only seventy years, rides a motorcycle and quotes constantly from his favorite movie, Carlito’s Way.

Now the repeaters are in peril. An ancient being called the Soul-Eater has been devouring them one by one, while a cabal known as the Vigil threatens them with extinction. Their only hope is a young Jewish boy named Abraham, who fears that his family’s history of mental illness may be finally catching up with him – but who just might be the most powerful repeater of all.

2. Pieces of a Dream

The first in my series of “Muslim fiction” stories, the original short story has been expanded to novel length. I have delved into Layth’s family relationships, their response to his conversion to Islam, and a crisis involving his father.

The book has been completed and is awaiting editing, cover design and formatting. The expected publication date is May 2017.


Louis, an Iraq war vet and San Francisco taxi driver, struggles to get through each day. When he gives a ride to a Muslim woman and subsequently helps her with a personal crisis, his world is turned upside down. Will he continue his downward slide into alcoholism and despair? Or can he find the inner resources to emerge a better, stronger man?

3. Zaid Karim, Private Investigator

This is currently being serialized on MuslimMatters.org and can be read there, free of charge.


Zaid Karim is a an ex-convict and private investigator in Fresno, California. He is broke, separated from his wife and child, and facing a growing pile of unpaid bills. When he’s hired by an elderly Muslim couple to find their missing granddaughter, he quickly learns that the client has lied to him, and that finding the child will mean confronting the ghosts of his past, and risking his very life.

4. Bring It In: Poems of Love and Faith

This collection of love poems written over the last several years should be available sometime in late summer or early fall.