The Repeaters, by Wael Abdelgawad

The Repeaters

The Repeaters

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Intriguing and riveting blend of urban fantasy and historical fiction!

A select group of men and women live hidden among us. They are known as repeaters, and they reincarnate again and again, growing stronger with each cycle. They inhabit every city in the world, and can sense one another through their powerful auras.

Rix, a scruffy-looking fellow with green eyes and long hair, is a 2,000 year old Belgian prince. He fights with a 300 pound metal rod and is given to philosophical musings on the nature of suffering and attachment.

Asteria wears leather and carries two swords, and is a 10,000 year old Amazon. She is silent, strict and a hell of a kisser.

Ramzy, the youngest of the trio, rides a motorcycle and quotes constantly from his favorite movie, Carlito’s Way.

Now the repeaters are in peril. An ancient being called the Soul-Eater has been devouring them one by one, while a cabal known as the Vigil threatens them with extinction. Their only hope is a young Jewish boy named Abraham, who fears that his family’s history of mental illness may be finally catching up with him – but who just might be the most powerful repeater of all.

* * *

PIeces of a Dream by Wael Abdelgawad

Pieces of a Dream

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Driving a taxi on the foggy streets of San Francisco, Iraq war veteran Louis Hedstrom is stuck in a rut so deep he can’t see the sun. He lives alone, has no friends and can’t bear to be touched.

When he meets and gets to know an African-American Muslim woman named Khadija, and then a mysterious courier named Hassan, he begins a spiritual journey to Islam that leaves him shaken, challenges everything he thought he knew, and threatens to alienate him from his family forever.

Filled with romance, action and spiritual insight, Pieces of a Dream creates its own genre in a single stroke, taking Muslim fiction to a new level. Passionate, honest and funny, it is a book that can be enjoyed by readers of all faiths, and is one that will not be easily forgotten.

* * *

Zaid Karim, Private Investigator

Zaid Karim, Private Investigator

This novel was serialized on, and will be released as an eBook and paperback (with some modifications) by January 2018.

Zaid Karim is a moderately religious, 30 year old ex-con and private investigator who is hired by an elderly Muslim couple to find their missing grandchild. Once he begins, he learns that he has been lied to by the client, and that not all is as it appears. The trail takes him from Fresno to San Francisco to Panama. In the end he has to put his life on the line, while struggling to stay true to his vow to practice sincerity before all else. The cast of characters include a wise Imam, a genius thug who robs drug dealers for a living, and a Panamanian crime kingpin.

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