Poem: You Are a Forest

Path in the rainforest

You are a forest
and I’m lost in your depths,
surviving on faith.

You turn your verdant face to the sun,
steaming, harboring new life,
cruel and magnificent.

Here, beneath the leaves,
it’s dark as a plum,
all shadows and lines

and I cannot find my way.
Perhaps I could stay
in a quiet spot. I’d be no bother.

There’s a pond where lilies float,
and the roar of a cat from afar.
Show me how to love you,

because after all these years
I’m still wandering your paths,
searching for a clearing
in your hidden heart.

Wael Abdelgawad
July 15, 2014
Fresno, California

One thought on “Poem: You Are a Forest

  1. MashaAllah bro beautiful poetry right there.
    Saving this one for my future wife inshallah

    An object needn’t be large to hold great mass.
    As mass is not proportional to volume.
    That girl as small as a violet.
    That girl, drifting in the sky like the petals of a flower draws me to her with a force greater than the one exerted by the earth.
    In a single moment, I fell and rolled toward her without a reason, just as Newton’s apple did.
    With a thump.
    My heart keeps bouncing between the sky and the ground.
    It was my first love.